HUDUGARU (2011) (Kannada)



Prabhu (Puneeth Rajkumar), Chandra (Srinagara Kitty) and Sidda (Yogi) are three friends who dream of a joyous life. Enter another friend Sudhi (Vishal Hegde) who leaves their lives shattered. The trio also face ridicule and humiliation for the help they do for him. Sudhi is in love with Sushma (Ramya Barna), daughter of a businessman Paramashivamurthy (Avinash), who is opposed to their romance. The three men help Sudhi get married to Sushma by risking their lives. This results in Chandra losing a leg, Sidda becoming deaf and Prabhu being forced to abandon his lover Gayathri (Radhika Pandit). To add insult to injury, literally in this case, Sushma and Sudhi decide to part ways and ill-treat the friends when they try to get the couple to patch up. The rest of the film is about the value of friendship.


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