12TH FAIL (2023) (Kannada)

12th Fail


Based on Anurag Pathak`s bestselling novel of the same name, 12th Fail depicts the true story of an IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma hailing from a small town in Chambal, who fearlessly embraced the idea of restarting his academic journey and reclaiming his destiny at a place where millions of students attempt for the world`s toughest competitive exam, UPSC. The film is not just a chronicle of one man`s journey but a celebration of everyone who dared to look at failures as an opportunity to #Restart.
12th Fail (2023) movie in Kannada is not yet available to watch online. Please visit this page to know its availability online in future. Unitl then enjoy trailer, video songs & audio songs of the movie on this page.


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