KOTIGOBBA 2 (2016) (Kannada)

Kotigobba 2


story of a young man leading double lives Sathyam, played by Sudeep, is a small-time businessman who works for real estate and reports to his boss Shubh, played by Nithya Menen. Soft-spoken and well-mannered Sathya becomes a rowdy burglar at the dawn of night. Satya lives a dual life by the name of Shiva and robs filthy rich businessmen of large sums of money. This is a way of him fulfilling the dream of his father who wanted him to be rich and drive expensive cars. 2 of the businessmen that Shiva robbed along with a corrupt policeman are determined to find Shiva and take him in custody. Meanwhile, Sathya falls in love with Shubha. The policeman suspects Sathya of being Shiva and is on a mission to expose him while Sathya tells them that Shiva is his evil twin brother and himself reports him to the authorities. Will Sathya’s truth be revealed? How will Shubha react to this?
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