ZOOM (2016) (Kannada)



When did you last Zoom in to your own life? Are you the same person when you Zoom out? The movie takes you on a similar journey into the lives of the lead characters. Santhosh (Ganesh) and Nayana (Radhika) are both creative directors at their respective advertising agencies. While Nayana is straight forward and believes in hard work, Santhosh is just the opposite. He is cut throat and plays his cards smartly to achieve his goals. But when you ZOOM in to their lives, it may not just be the same that you see. What more is in there? What happens if these two contradicting personalities fall in love with each other? Hard work pays, or smart work? The director Prashant Raj, has narrated it in his trademark stylish and entertaining way to take you on a zooming experience! Come, ZOOM in to find out!
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