FUTURE (2015) (Kannada)



Future is a short movie and has a story of all the citizen who is struggling for their bright Future. All of us are busy in the race of life without realizing importance of the freedom, food, water & our health. As soon as, we are imprisoned in any unpleasant situation, we shall understand the significance of all the amenities we had. We chaos all around, we blame people who trapped us in, instead of finding solution in ourselves patiently to come out. In this film, we have tried to give a solution to any problem which we encounter in our life. In ‘Future’ Film, actor has been shown in 3 different shades and has shed 12kg for 2nd half of the movie. One more specialty of the film is, it has been captured by using all waste materials say…Waste Newspapers, Waste T.V, Waste mobile phone, Broken toys, in a room where nobody has lived.
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