KATHA SANGAMA (1976) (Kannada)

Katha Sangama


based on three short stories Hangu - short story by the Kannada writer Giraddi Govindaraj. It is about a poor university professor with high moral values and integrity who is offered a bribe from a wealthy contractor to push some grace marks to his son in his exam paper Athithi - It tells the story of a middle-aged woman who is the warden of a girls hostel. When younger she had refused to marry the man who loved her because of her ideals about feminism. She had even decided to say unmarried her entire life. A chance encounter with the man, now happily married to someone else, makes her question her earlier decision of not accepting true love. Munithaayi - It has a story of wealthy man marrying a blind girl (Aarathi) out of pity, but in his absence she is raped by an adolescent youth and later blackmailed. The husband eventually "forgives" her. Aarathi plays the role of the blind girl and Rajinikanth plays a small role as the man who rapes her
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