SHARAPANJARA (1971) (Kannada)



The film revolves around the issues of a woman's chastity, the acceptance of mentally ill by society and unfaithful spouses. The story starts with the chance meeting of the heroine Kaveri (Kalpana) and the hero Satish (Gangadhar). Satish falls in love with Kaveri who is educated, sophisticated, beautiful and hails from a loving family and they get married with the blessings of their parents. They form a picture-perfect couple. When Kaveri conceives for the second time, the doctor express concern over her health. During the post-partum period, she is triggered by memories of abuse as a teenager leading to her symptoms of post-partum psychosis, Kaveri faces scorn from her family, neighbours and society in general, as well, owing to the stigma around mental healthcare. Kaveri, eventually discovers that her husband, Satish, has been having an extra-marital relationship with a female colleague. Unable to bear it all, Kaveri's distress causes her post-partum psychosis symptoms to relapse. Kalpana's performance as a woman dealing with trauma was widely acclaimed by critics.


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