DATTHA (2006)



Datta is an uneducated orphan who thrives on stealing and supporting poor people.He is a Robin Hood type of character who has a good accomplice.Datta accidentally sees Ramya during one of his schedules and falls for her.It is Love at first sight.To get Ramya's approval and appreciation,Datta returns what has been stolen in her house.He pretends to be a well educated person and also acts as a Police Inspector.But his luck runs out and Ramya finds him to be a big crook.She walks out of him. Later Datta is drafted by a rich person who engages him to act as his son to enable his wife to recover from a long time bedridden sickness.The rich person has a son who has been hiding for more than two decades in a separate place as he has been a target of a different faction. Datta goes out along with the rich person to his town,but is surprised that he is being constantly followed and attacked by hooligans.Datta feels one of his enemies are following him.Then Datta also meets Ramya in the same place.She is on a revenge mission to kill the son of the rich person.
Wall of fame
Language Kannada
Release Date 08-June-2006
Runtime (mins) 146
No of Theaters
Budget (Rs.)
Box Office (Rs.)
Type Movie
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