HEY RAM (2000)

Hey Ram


Saket Ram (Kamal Hassan) and his close associate and friend Amjad Ali Khan (Shahrukh Khan) are archaeologists working at the excavation sites of Mohenjodaro. Aparna Ram (Rani Mukherji) Saket's simple Bengali wife is a schoolteacher. She lives in Calcutta in the midst of riots and chaos over the issue of the formation of Pakistan and the call by Mohammad Ali Jinnah for -- Direct Action. Saket is swept into the political madness. A group of Muslims brutally rape and murder Aparna. Saket unable to cope with his tragic loss goes on a killing spree. He comes across Sriram Abhyankar who is part of a Hindu militant group determined to fight the Muslims and Saket becomes a part of his militant organisation that plots to do away with Mahatma Gandhi.
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