WILD KARNATAKA (2020) (Kannada)

Wild Karnataka


Karnataka is India's 6th largest state, in India, which has a recorded forest area of 38,720 sq. km, that constitutes 20.19% of the total geographical area, of the state. Its ecosystem supports different kinds of forests, ranging from the wet evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, to deciduous forests of the Mysore district, to thorn scrub forests and rocky outcrops of Ramnagar and Daroji, extending to the riverine and marine ecosystems, all found in this one state of Karnataka. These forests support 25% of the elephant population and 20% of the tiger population of India, making it home to the largest population of tigers and Asiatic elephants on the planet. The intention of the film is to spread awareness, love and respect for the state's majestic and beautiful natural wilderness, ecology, nature and enviornment. The film was produced by the Karnataka Forest Department with Amoghavarsha J S and Kalyan Varma. The film was narrated by Sir David Attenborough with theme music composed by Grammy-winning composer and music-producer, Ricky Kej.


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